Breegan Jane and T. Lopez are two multitasking moms involved in entertainment, entrepreneurship and all things mommy. Together, they’re super-moms, taking the world of “mommydom” by storm. Breegan and T. Lopez forged a friendship seemingly written in the stars after discovering they were both pregnant for the first time, at the same time. Over countless conversations brimming with brutal honesty, the two asked each other questions forbidden in most mommy circles. Relishing the opportunity as motherhood novices to gain knowledge without the fear of scrutiny from groups of mom-bullies, Breegan and T. created what was missing from the mommysphere: Mom Life Yo, a judgment-free zone and gathering place for every mom, everywhere.

Mom Life Yo is a one-hour radio show that provides a light-hearted space where both new and experienced moms can exchange “mommy exclusive” stories and support, while having a laugh or two. Sex after baby? Dance-movement therapy? They’re boldly entering uncharted territory. With an impressive roster of invited guests ranging from internet mom moguls to yogi extraordinaire, no topic is left uncovered.

Mom Life Yo found its perfect home on Dash Radio, giving the show tremendous reach with built-in listenership. Now, the wisdom, advice and comedic relief desired by moms around the world could be accessed by anyone with internet. Moms know time is short and to-do lists are long, and for them, reading blogs is a luxury not always afforded in this fast paced lifestyle. Mom Life Yo was designed with a convenience factor in mind. Listeners can tune in, receive support and burn calories from laughter, all while chasing the little ones and never missing a beat. Breegan and T are authentic, wise and hilarious. That’s Mom Life Yo!

Breegan Jane and T. Lopez

Co-hosts: Mom Life, Yo!


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: @MomLifeYo

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